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Errors / Bdy_Prts

It’s early doors on Saturday night as BDY_PRTS take to the stage.

They’re a late addition to the bill and too early for most of the crowd.
Jenny & Jill take centre stage in contrasting neon jumpsuits and well choreographed dancemoves putting on a good show.
The songs are good too, sounding nothing like either of their other bands and a lot more dancey.

It’s been a while since I last caught ERRORS live.
Much has changed since then.

Their music has grown from the electronic noodlings of their earlier years into a more melodic and infitiely more danceble form.
This was the first time I had seen them perform as a 4-piece (occasionally, though, some of this set was as a trio).

Having a singer totally changes the dynamic of the band – it gives a point of focus and the boy/girl vocals that they do brings a warmth and depth to their music that wasn’t there before.
Maybe this is a Chvrches influence rubbing off on them?

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