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Errant Boy

Memory Fractures (labelname)

By • Jan 20th, 2019 • Category: long players

Errant Boy has been doing his (their?) thing for a while now and has been on BM’s radar through chance conversation in “where the fuck was that” locations.

This album is a triumph though, furious thrashing guitars and the harmonies, OMG the harmonies…

Track one from this nine track album delivers all of that and BM cannot help but reference something like early REM voiced by XTC’s Andy Partridge, is that good enough for you EBoy?

This is heartfelt indiepop, and The Blue Aeroplanes also come to mind, glorious and always on the button…

The drawling lead vocals are genius, effortless and engaging, and that guitar, supported by a solid backline, good grief.

Other album tracks such as ‘Tale Twist’ reference the glorious Orange Juice but in a good, not aping way… and ‘444’, what a track, maybe more reflective, but still blazing, BM is thinking the Commotions vs Aztec, a journey through youth BM thinks… aptly enough. Let’s hear it for the Boy!

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