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Heartbeat / Fake Faces (Soundcloud)

By • Sep 3rd, 2021 • Category: Single review

This is an unsigned artist who has come to BM’s attention via the usually impeccable taste of Duglas T Stewart (thanks for the recommendation). Hailing from the West of Scotland, this guy has a real ear for melody and the upbeat guitar strumming which can uplift an average track into something really special. There are nifty riffs, some clever lyrics and just the right amount of poptastic hooks to elevate the tune into the earworm stratosphere – highly recommended!

The vocals are passionate, ambitious but spot on (who produced this?) and completely capture the essence of young angst, with some incredible playing (that middle guitar riff recalls Joy Division’s ‘Atmosphere’, is that deliberate?).

The track is actually part of a double A – an EP in fact, with ‘Fake Faces’ the other track, also really good but BM thinks ‘Heartbeat’ is the killer track on this release…

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EnimaTek · Fake Faces

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