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Emma Pollock / Louis Abbot

Glasgow Glad Cafe (Saturday December 21st 2019)

By • Dec 25th, 2019 • Category: Gig review

A replacement for the indisposed Martha Fionn, Admiral Fallow head bummer Louis Abbot was an admirable stand-in, serenading us with guitar and vocals some Fallow songs soon to be recorded and some past ones as well…  The new material sounded very promising, the previous ones such as ‘Evangeline’ sounded massive and incredible, and the last cover (requested by soundman Ritchie) of ‘Party Fears Two’ sounded immaculate and just a reminder to lost friends, especially of the Dundee-residing and whippet-loving kind)… his version was sublime though, well enjoyed.

Emma Pollock is no stranger to these parts, being a local resident, and a lot of the songs tonight referenced geography, local and further afield… Appearing tonight with the very talented Graham Smillie (A Mote of Dust, Malcolm Middleton etc) on keys and the very talented Pete Harvey (Modern Studies et al) on cello, she blasted through some old songs (mainly from last album ‘Return to Harperfield’) and some new ones, yet to be recorded (‘Marchtown’ and others). 

The former Delgado’s voice and guitar playing have become quite something over the past few years and her confidence onstage has increased, and a bit of banter is always good – a cover of John Cale’s ‘Paris 1919’ and a sign-off with the meaty and catchy ‘Parks and Recreation’ completed this hugely enjoyable set, and BM hopes to hear the new material in full next year – the beginning of a new decade.

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