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Ember Quine

Babe (Disco Moon Choons)

By • Jun 1st, 2021 • Category: Single review

Ember Quine is based in Glasgow and her debut single is a fascinating mixture of folk and electronica. Previously known for her work with Woodwife, this is the new project of Freya Giles and it is definitely worth a listen.

The music can only be described as blippy, with otherworldly screeches and bassy notes along with sampled backing vocals. Freya’s vocal line however is melodic and strong, as well as subtle when required.

Jen Athan must also take some credit for the mastering, getting the soundmix just right. The overall vibe is dark, earthy, spiritual, doomy but also playful – if that makes sense at all!

It’s a high original piece of work and BM hopes to hear more from EQ soon…

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