Gig review

Electric Frog

A rather ominous sky welcomes revellers to the Electric Frog all-dayer down at SWG3, though the puddles forming around our ankles can’t shake the excitement building over the rather delicious live acts preparing to take to the stage.
This is the second day of a weekend which was moved from July, and whilst it would have been slightly warmer – well, let’s face it, only slightly – the move has actually had the bonus effect of securing the might of Mogwai as the headliners. The venue is the rapidly expanding warehouse site between the West End and Clydeside Expressway, and though apparently the students in the overlooking accommodation have been complaining (changed days…) the venue is a welcome change, giving the event an edgy, urban feel.

But first it’s Errors, and their blend of electro-punk post-rock is compelling, flooding the tent with rhythmic electricity. The PA is impressive given it’s an outdoor stage, and before we creep nearer the front in anticipation of the next act, The Fall, we sample the delights of the fresh fruit vodkas being generously poured inside.

Mark E Smith is as weather-beaten and cantankerous as one would hope, spitting his way through The Fall‘s set, focussed and intent on causing havoc. The lineup is working well, particularly Mrs Mark E, Elena Pousou, who is stylish and ultra-cool. Their set is varied, and stand-out is an angry version of ‘Psykick Dance Hall’ – but no ‘Mr Pharmacist’, sadly.

Indoors there’s face-painting to be had – glitter and feathers, all pretty and shiny – and DJ sets (Paul Ferdinand, Johnny Wilkes) though we stick to the Street Stage: a much-anticipated set from Wild Beasts is worth dragging ourselves away from the bar, proving that their Mercury nomination was well placed; and the night culminates with headliners Mogwai who, with a home-crowd of pleasantly puggled punters, deliver a storming set of oldies and newbies alike, the new EP Earth Division debuting through the Glasgow night.

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