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Elaine Lennon

Elaine Lennon (Little Sailor)

By • Feb 20th, 2020 • Category: Album review

Elaine Lennon has been bubbling under on the Scottish music scene and this first 11 track album is a confirmation of her talents.

This record is warm, classy and incorporates country and blues influences along with a heady sprinkling of pure pop magic. Performed mainly on piano with other instruments coming in and out, this is an acoustic album, one that’s well worth a listen.

Highlights for BM would include the beautiful ‘Trouble’, the dark and dangerous, brooding ‘THIS’, which includes some lovely twangy guitar and the trad. country lament ‘She’s Got You’…

‘You And Me’ is also a beautiful song, soothing and gorgeous while ‘Fear (Breakup Song)’ is a fresh take on an old theme (“I’m Leaving!”).

EL has done this record her way and the results are quite astounding!

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