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Edwyn Collins

Outside (AED)

By • Feb 14th, 2019 • Category: Single review

Nothing has quite prepared you for this.

Forget soulful crooning or folksy meanderings from the ‘much better now thank you’ Mr Collins, ‘Outside’ is 1 minute and fifty-seven seconds of two and a half chord, three note guitar solo, recorded in one take in a disused garden shed actual Punk Rock, and a few of you are going to wonder why he didn’t do something like this years ago, a song that makes ‘Girl Like You’ resemble a convoluted prog rock concept piece, the sound of one of our most revered songsters dismembering his own legacy with steely-eyed venom.

I haven’t yet heard the album ‘Outside’ has originated from but I’d expect more of the same, and why stop there, Edwyn; a few of us would really appreciate hearing some of your Postcard classics reconfigured as throwaway trashpunk anthems.

‘Outside’ is released on March 15th

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