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Balance the Light (Rock Indiana)

By • May 22nd, 2016 • Category: Album review

Here’s a band who have no concerns about peaking too early. Opening tune ‘Save Me is extraordinary, a simple tune that builds up into a massive chorus and then throws in squalls of electronic noise for the kind of finale that would usually close a triple concept album.
So what follows is, well, not an anti-climax, but the quiet of ‘I’m Over It’ acts as an antidote to that epic introduction. There are ten tracks here which you might imagine drew from the growing Americana scene, if you’d forgotten that this Scots-based quintet were now on album #14. Indeed, you could argue that Wilco and Teenage Fanclub contain a bit of Dropkick in them, sharing hook-laden songs with irresistible harmonies, although the band have grown more adventurous, evinced by more use of synths and organ. Oh, and that opening number…

(This review originally appeared in the West Sussex Times)

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