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Doctors of Madness

Make it Stop! (Molecular Scream)

By • Sep 4th, 2019 • Category: Single review

“Damned right it’s political!” Richard Strange boldly claims of this, the lead single from the first Doctors of Madness album in 41 years the aptly-named ‘Dark Times’.

He’s not kidding. Driven by an anthemic yet unsettling chord progression , ‘Make It Stop!’ addresses the state of Western democracy in 2019, alluding to the rise of authoritarian leaders and far-right movements across Europe and the US, making the connection to the politics of the 1930s and calling for solidarity and collective action in response.

Phew. Did I mention that ‘Make It Stop’ is also the catchiest earworm you’re likely to find stuck in your brain this year? Imbued with the intoxicating cocktail of vicious glam-rock, art-rock and literary awareness that characterised the group’s mid-’70s work, the single bodes well for the September release of ‘Dark Times’.

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