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Django Django

Born Under Saturn (Because)

By • May 2nd, 2015 • Category: long players

If you were worried about the band setting off on a different direction on their second album, don’t.
Many aspects are bigger, brighter, more psychedelic and so on but on the whole, this is still very much the Django Django that you fell for in the first place, which is good to know. There are some bands that need to develop and turn up different styles as they hop from album to album but on both of their albums now, the group has showcased a wider palate of influences and styles.

Django Django have talked about their desire to make albums that are allied to the spirit of mixtapes and it is easy to hear this approach on Born Under Saturn. It’s akin to a well-curated mix-tape along similar lines, but there is enough variety to keep you coming back for repeated listens. The fact that song-writing duties have been spread out around the band may account for this, but it does ensure that things never get a bit too samey, even if there isn’t much deviation from the path.

The ghost of The Beatles and The Beach Boys rear their head at various points, opening track ‘Giant’ will have more than a few people shouting out “Hey Bulldog” at various points, but the various rhythms, beats and glitches make sure that this is not just a nostalgic nod to the past. The blending traditional melodies and uplifting poppy choruses with a more dance orientated feel has been the backbone of the band’s success to this point and nothing has really changed on this record.

Lead single ‘First Light’ was the obvious choice to come back with but there are plenty of highlights. ‘Giant’, of course, bristling with energy and excitement, and ‘Reflections’ practically bounces of the speakers. There is a chance to catch breath in the middle of the record with ‘Shot Down’, ‘High Moon’ and ‘Beginning To Fade’ before going out with a bang.
With some bands, a review that ends with “more of the same” may be deemed as a criticism but for Django Django, it acts as a ringing endorsement.

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