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Various Artists / DJ Bim and Alex Tronic

Goa Beach Volume 23 (YSE)

By • Jun 10th, 2014 • Category: Album review

A word to the wise – don’t put this compilation on when you’re driving, operating heavy machinery or else doing something which requires your full and utter concentration. This is a deep and dreamy collection which will set your mind off on a journey far and away from whatever it is that your attention is supposed to be devoted to.
CD 1 compiler DJ Bim loves his soothing synth lines and the master of CD 2, Alex Tronic loves his bass lines and they are both allowed to run riot here. The combined effect is simply stunning.
They seep and swoon over your brow at first before, slowly but surely, starting to pound and hammer away at both your heart and the dance floor. This is real summertime listening and so its release could not have been better timed. Close your eyes when you listen to this and you may well be on a beach in Goa, all metallic blue skies and white, milky sands.
This is not, in other words,some tinny, trashy, cheap holiday cash-in of a compilation. Thought, consideration and empathy for how each track will fair alongside its disc mates have clearly all gone into this compilation and the end result is as soothing as a warm latte at seven in the morning. This is a sweet yet deep set in which you will be rewarded with something new on every listen.
It will raise you slowly but surely out of your everyday torpor and take you to some far-off mystic land. Sadness and euphoria are both present in equal measure and there is also excellent use of samples from movies and famour speeches throughout, which add light and shade to the synth fireworks and bassline menace on offer throughout. It is as if someone has taken all the best bits of Spiritualized, Massive Attack, Portishead, Ry Cooder, Finitribe and early Shamen and injected their own unique spirit. Which is exactly what any good compilation should do.

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  1. @isthismusic anyone care to share any thoughts on this album or indeed, this piece of writing? ?

  2. Nice Review of Goa Beach Volume 23 !

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