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Collar Up

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By • Aug 19th, 2007 • Category: demonstration

Piano. Drums. IS THAT IT? Anyone else thinking Keane? Ok, maybe the Dresden Dolls?
Happily as far as indierock credentials go it’s closer to the latter; but ‘Tonight’ is, like the other 2 tracks here bleedin’ hard to categorise. It certainly has the atmospherics and grandeur of, say, a band like The Twilight Sad, but ‘Escapism’ is more a singalong at the old joanna, which despite its Glasgow accent (and theme of drink) could be as much Dean Freidman as Dumb Instrument. ‘Flying’ goes all morose on us, as if spent by the debauched feel of its predecessor, but it’s still going for the big feel, never taking the obvious route. Never ones for simple tunes, this might be Collar Up’s commercial undoing, but they deserve the respect of their underground indie peers more than a year in rehab.

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