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Delta Mainline

Bel Avenir (Rehab Sound)

By • May 16th, 2019 • Category: Album review

It’s been over five years since this Edinburgh-based combo’s last release, but when you realise that their second long player has been recorded across five different studios, eventually being mixed by production legend Paul Savage, expectations are high.

And indeed, opener ‘Folk Stories & Fairytales’ kicks off with a Krautrocky synthesier throb, all motorik beats and darkly intoned vocals with Grandaddy-esque keyboard flounces and twiddles, before opening up and slowing down into an epic gospel chorus.

And that’s just the first tune. Over the ten that follow, it’s a kitchen sink production – big sounds and grand ideas, with Britpop and country mingling with Flaming Lips and Arcade Fire-inspired sounds. Truly epic, and well worth the wait.

This article originally appeared in the Kirkintilloch Herald.

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