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De Loreans

... (demo)

By • Sep 7th, 2007 • Category: demonstration

Happily, in this myspace age, physical CDs aren’t strictly necessary any more. Which is as well, as the De Loreans EP doesn’t play. Dead, it is, as dead as the Ccareer od Dodgy. (Oh, wait…)
So, hop onto their site and lead track ‘In Limbo’ streams off quite happily, all chugging guitar and rhythmic beats and slightly strangled vocals – kind of between Oasis and the Klaxons. In fact, each track stars of promisingly with strident guitar but kind of disappears into a decidedly Mancrock alleyway when the verse comes in, though ‘No Hurry’ has a bit of a tune (no, not ‘choon’) to it. The myspace tracks are probably newer and the band do, on ‘Eeton Feenx’, seem to move more towards a (cough) nu rave sound.

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