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David Keenan

This Is Memorial Device (Faber & Faber)

By • Aug 28th, 2017 • Category: books

Recalling 1980s small towns everywhere and underground music of that era, this debut novel also pays ‘tribute’ to ambitions never achieved, in the form of 26 eye-witness accounts relayed to a fanzine writer of the time, recounting the tale of “the greatest rock group of the modern age or at least of Airdrie”.

But the Lanarkshire town could be any conurbation – Keenan’s debut novel’s appeal will go far beyond fans of the musical genre, painting gaudy, streaky images of graverobbers, aid-workers and drug-dealing nuclear bunker dwellers.

A stylish “Hallucinated Oral History” that will stay with you well beyond the next ’80s revival.

(This review originally appeared in the Motherwell Times)

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