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Daryl Speirs

All Because of You (download)

By • Aug 2nd, 2020 • Category: Single review

Glasgow-based Daryl Speirs is releasing this single at the end of July and it is a bit of a dark horse… Maybe BM should have heard of him before but this is a massively accomplished debut single, quite lo-fi but none the worse for it…

On listening, BM has to say that the song is a banger, sounding like a distant cousin of Adele’s ‘Rollin’ in the Deep’ (albeit slightly slower tempo). The track starts with some keyboards, then the voice comes in and this is some voice!

There is also a chord change before the chorus which at first listen sounds wonky and disarming (remarkably BM can read music but can’t fathom this chord change, very fascinating) but then as the chorus starts you know it is deliberate…

This is a highly listenable thing and in any other world Mr Speirs would be climbing up the summer festival billings as we speak – obviously that will not happen in 20Covid19 but BM and others do not forget good music and will be rooting for him anytime that live stuff happens again!

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