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Dan Bull

Safe (Freshnut)

By • Apr 30th, 2009 • Category: Album review

First off, the misconception that a concept album is made by merely merging the tacks together in continuous play is an absolute fallacy. The truth is, having a consistent lyrical theme that tells a story throughout the entire album is what makes a concept album and the key is tell a story and there really isn’t a story here. There is a window dressing set up regarding a nuclear holocaust and a suicidal man from which Bull distances himself from the strong emotions he is discussing. Unfortunately for Dan Bull, for whom this is a debut, he doesn’t seem to be aware of that.

However, this is a record that can get away with such things…
Dan Bull considers himself a crossover between The Streets and The Smiths, and to be honest, I cringed reading that. Though, I have to say, it is a style that is very well executed, produced and for the most part very well written. Indie Rock spliced with Hip Hop has never been accomplished in a way that it should be, yet, this feels like it is one step closer to that elusive mark. I wish that British rappers would refrain from using words like ‘crib’ in their songs, especially when they have a Midlands accent. I really have to say though that title track ‘Safe’, which is like a medley from a midlands musical with an injection of Pet Sounds era Beach Boys, lets us in on one of Britain’s best young songwriters. It is hard to believe that Bull is only a remarkable 22 years old. His lyrics are frank, and concise, as he lays his opinions on as many topics as he possibly can, from relationships to the nature of religion and philosophy, with a wisdom eye that belies his age.

Considering this album is available as a free digital download from his myspace page I would highly recommend that you investigate this curios individual and assail your local stations until they play this man’s music, because it is intelligent, it is thoughtful, and you probably haven’t heard an awful lot like it.

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