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It’s No Good (download)

By • Nov 15th, 2020 • Category: Single review

D•SIPAUL is giving the electronic greats a genuine run for their money with his fresh new release ‘It’s No Good’.

It all gets under way with a crushing synth overture which gradually rises to the surface with an underwater style effect. From the intro, the beat drops with fearless character and the synth melody glides through the speakers with outstanding quality.

Freya Alley, whom D•SIPAUL recruits for this new delivery, mesmerises from the moment she opens her vocal cords. She has an angelic tone with a soft style which gives the track a unique flavour. Cleverly, she gets her message across with a no defendant approach, and I can almost reach out and touch her passion.

Her story explains how she believes it is no good for her lover to tell her that they love her. Instead, she wants them to show their affection instead of words. It brings a sense of congruency in relationships. However, the story can come across in many ways; therefore, you will have to work out for yourself which direction you want to take with it.

As the track progresses, D•SIPAUL proves why he is one of the most revitalising electronic producers to come out of the UK underground scene in recent times. Furthermore, he drops a variety of new sounds, and he brings a full foundation which to me is perfect for relaxation.

Overall, ‘It’s No Good’ ticks all of my boxes. I have been an avid fan of this genre for many years now. Yet, D•SIPAUL cements my attraction even more in-depth with this new delivery.

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