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CPR / Just Like Gravity (BMG)

By • Aug 5th, 2020 • Category: Album review

There is something lovely and warm about these two albums. Firstly there’s ‘CPR’, the 1998 self-titled debut from David Crosby, his son James Raymond, and session guitarist Jeff Pevar. It’s re-released alongside its 2001 follow-up, ‘Just Like Gravity’, the pair are like long-lost records from the 1970s – both full of tunes made by friends for friends.

Each has a platter of damned good tunes, played by musicians who sound like their lives depended on it. Each lyric is bled dry for essence and meaning. Each riff has been finely honed and smoothed to complement both the lyrics and its’ fellow tunes.

These tunes thaw you out, slow your heart down. With so many of us still in isolation, we need music like this. This is particularly true of songs like At The Edge or Breathless, which both display Crosby’s fantastically tender voice. Friendly music with true support and purpose.

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