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City and Colour

Guide Me Back Home (Dine Alone)

By • Oct 16th, 2018 • Category: Album review

Every song here is greeted with a knowing whoop or an enthusiastic cheer. This is good because it makes you feel like you are part of the crowd.

The problem is, for every song that’s warm, heartfelt, deep and involving, there’s another which meanders too much and makes you lose interest.

It’s a shame because the songs themselves are all very good. However, lost in a mix which is too soft and arrangements too slow, many of them lose the ability to really establish themselves.

You shouldn’t be more entertained by the audience reaction than you are by the songs. It’s good to have a bit of banter between songs, but not every song needs a full biography before it.

On the plus side, Colour By Numbers are in fine voice throughout this set, the vocals carrying well throughout the venue, adding atmosphere and the occasional note of tension.

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