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Circle Of Reason

A Favour For A Stranger (Circle Of Reason)

By • May 3rd, 2013 • Category: Single review

Circle Of Reason proudly boast of having a sound constructed of “carefully layered webby depths”.
It’s an admirable claim but one that, unfortunately, they don’t quite yet live up to. One major saving grace is that what they may yet lack in originality, they compensate for in high energy.
‘A Favour For A Stranger’ leaves you winded, breathless and high, like the very best kind of punk rock gig in the lowest, hottest, sweatiest little club in town. The band refer to their sound as being ‘supremely orchestrated and, while this is still slightly beyond their grasp, such sonic ambition is certainly laudable.
If they can tone down the over-enthusiasm and hyper-tension next time, Circle Of Reason should be a band to watch in the future.

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