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'Archipelago' Vol. 5 (Olive Grove)

By • Apr 6th, 2020 • Category: Album review

Before the virus, the esteemed artists Jo Mango and A. Wesley Chung recorded this lovely EP as part of Olive Grove’s Archipelago series (this one is no. 5).

There are four tracks of subtle beauty, ideal for that “staying at home” vibe!

JM’s Scottish tradition blends nicely with AWC’s Californian background – song 1 ‘Tiny Builders’ is quite beautiful.

‘Happenstance’ continues the slow acoustic atmosphere and is a gorgeous duet.

‘Paper and Ink’ is more upbeat, still on acoustic guitar and some kind of parping thing in the background – AWC starts the vocals but is soon joined by JM backing, and again it is a meditative song, of regret (“you need to let it go to be happy”) – really moving.

The last track ‘Walnut and the Hammer’ is slower again, and on just an acoustic AWC starts things – then JM gets the second verse and there is some amazing slide guitar going on before it turns into a real duet, with each taking a line at times….

This has the air of a real collaboration and BM recommends it thoroughly – music to self-isolate to!

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