Single review


Oh my goodness, this is loud and furious – is it metal? not sure, but it is mental for sure, and from Leeds. And a whole album which also includes reworkings of some tracks from their previous, debut album.

Lead track ‘Scorpieau’ kicks things off at some pace, a pounding gallop through riffs, yelling and general mayhem, while keeping a very tight shape, these guys can play. ‘NASA vs ESA’ keeps this up, sound like Slayer having a mild face-off with Queens of the Stone Age. I have to say that I can only take so much shouting and grinding riffs unless there is a point, although if the point is pure insanity, that’s ok, and it generally is here.

I think I recognise a couple of tracks – “I Hate this, Do You Like It’ has more of a Nirvana feel, and there are bits of melody and harmony trying to get out of the ruckus. In conclusion, a mixed bag, probably pretty fertile for all you metallers out there, but for Betty, who likes her metal in smaller doses, a bit too much riffage to swallow in one go.