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Check Masses

Dripn Angel (Triassic Tusk)

By • Jan 12th, 2020 • Category: Single review

This is a twangy monster of a track, the first release by Leith’s Check Masses, a combo who bring quite a lot to the table, but more importantly deliver a tune which sounds fresh but also retro – a difficult balance to achieve, so respect due.

Check Masses are a threesome comprised of “Philly” Angelo Collins (vocals), Saleem Andrew McGroarty (drums, electronic stuff) and Vic Galloway (guitar), all long-time movers and shakers in the Scottish music scene over the years, nay decades. Their musical pedigree encompasses post-punk (Vic and Khartoum Heroes) and hiphop (Andy’s involvement with seminal and criminally underrated Sugar Bullet)…

This track combines lyrical tropes, a massive dose of twangy guitar and some Spaghetti Western atmosphere. There is a dark heart in the lyrics, hinting at what Cliff Richard has been telling for a while, woman are The Devil… And there are lots of “Ho”s and “Ha”s, presumably trying to keep their horses under control, cos it’s that kinda vibe…

BM can also hear the ghost of Wall of Voodoo’s ‘Mexican Radio’ (1982), a pop-twang classic… and possibly some Cramps influences, neither a bad thing at all.

Check Masses played their debut public gig at Glasgow’s Blue Arrow supporting Wojtek The Bear on Saturday 11th January (BM is wondering where they could have tied their horses up on Sauchiehall St during the gig, it does get quite busy around there…) before the official single launch at Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms on the 31st.

Prepare to be royally twanged!

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