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Single review


We Will Survive The Coronavirus (download)

Kendow releases his new single, ‘We Will Survive The Coronavirus’, and it is a track which gives us the hope we all need right now.

Locked Hands

Found Out (Errant Media)

Edinburgh via Belfast’s Locked Hands’ latest release and last for the year is another slice of mutant electronica


It’s No Good (download)

D•SIPAUL is giving the electronic greats a genuine run for their money with his fresh new release ‘It’s No Good’.


Cube Escape (download)

Zipten is talk of the town at the moment due to his new release ‘Cube Escape’

Constant Follower

I Can't Wake You (self-released)

This is another gorgeous release from Scotland’s Constant Follower

Jackal Trades

Scottish Album of the Year (Traffic Cone)

Mark McGee has always been a bad loser and this Trumpian denial of the facts is just further proof.

Leaving Bordeaux

This Time (No Mistakes) (Grassroot Music)

This Glasgow outfit have released another banging single, giving us 3 minutes or thereabouts of pure pop pleasure.

Tanaka Makoni

The Streets (TM)

Tanaka Makoni speaks with a direct message on her latest track

Ashley Lauren

Alive (download)

Ashley Lauren is rising to the top of pop with her new single ‘Alive’.

Mark Forbes

Fast and Slow (bandcamp)

This is a jaunty wee tune which has some great strumming, immense energy and pace