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Penfriend TV 310720 (Download)

Penfriend is the newish moniker of Bristol’s Laura Kidd, formerly known as She Makes War.

Tanaka Makoni

Lust (TM)

‘Lust’ is the hip hop gem which we have all been waiting for

Minerva Wakes

Tell Me (Traffic Cone)

This is the latest project of Jo and Nicky D’Arc


Obsessions EP (Bandcamp)

This new EP from Livingston two-piece goth-punks Gravelle gets off to a storming start


Happy (stream)

This is a glorious blast of noise from Garlands

The Hassan Assassin

Come Over (labelname)

Hip hop artist, The Hassan Assassin, is taking the scene by storm with his track ‘Come Over’.

Massive Attack / Young Fathers

Eutopia (download)

Massive Attack and Young Fathers, it seems, had a meeting of minds a few years ago while touring together

Out of the Ordinary

Kind of Strange (Ramrock)

Ramrock Records have put out this collaboration between Check Masses, Rosanne Erskine and others.

Paper Birch

Summer Daze (Takuroku)

This glorious racket comes ex-Urusei Yatsura member Fergus Lawrie, and Dee Sada.

Denise Johnson

True Faith (DJ)

After the terribly sad news of the passing of Denise Johnson, here is this great singer and great human being at her best