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Single review

A New International

Ghost Light (POUM)

From a projected album of ANI material, ‘Lost and Later Songs’

She Drew The Gun

Cut Me Down (Submarine Cat)

From The Wirral, Merseyside, the four-piece combo She Drew The Gun have a new single

Ember Quine

Babe (Disco Moon Choons)

Ember Quine is based in Glasgow and her debut single is a fascinating mixture of folk and electronica.

Hen Ogledd

Trouble (Domino)

Somewhat late to the party, this track came out last year but is still very striking.

Snapped Ankles

The Evidence (The Leaf Label)

Mental noisenicks Snapped Ankles are back with a new track, in advance of a new album in July.

Paul Callan

Coming On Strong (2521892 Records DK)

Paul Callan is based in County Louth, Ireland, and he is releasing one single per month for a while


I'll Start a Fire (My Big Sister)

Bristol’s Penfriend (aka Laura Kidd, formerly known as She Makes War) has released several singles recently

Instant Curtain

Reverse In The Sand (2147835 Records DK)

Prog rock group Instant Curtain take us on a journey with their new release, ‘Reverse In The Sand’.

Breeze Redwine

Money (BR)

‘Money’ by Breeze Redwine is a country-rock gem that hits the lugs with a distinct appeal.

Out of the Swim

Medieval Tummy (Last Night From Glasgow)

Yet another release from the mighty LNFG (how do they do it?), this is a warped piece of psyched-up indie