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Single review

Romeo Taylor

Keep Him On The Line (Acid Waxa)

Romeo Taylor gained some notoriety with his ‘Kingdom of Scotland’ track before lockdown

Sister John

How Can I Keep it Alive (Last Night From Glasgow)

Sister John’s new single is out now and precedes a new album ‘I Am By Day’, out in May.


Super Sex (Faux Départ)

Glasgow-based Outblinker have been a wee bit quiet of late

Steg G (feat Empress)

My Destiny (Powercut Productions)

Another cut from Steg G’s current album ‘Live Today’, this track lets Glasgow’s MC Empress take a scabrous lead vocal, a righteous rant on personal and wider subjects. “Linguistics like ballistics, causing harm” indeed – she is one hell of a rapper, aiming at various targets with spitting invective – challenging all comers… A masterclass […]

God’s Wonderful Railway

Atom Heart MF / Hallowe'en Theme (Santa Mira Recordings)

This is a well overdue review, like some six months or so…apologies to GWR because this is really worth the listen…

Elisabeth Elektra

I Am The Love (Elektra's Dance Mix) (Occult Babes)

As this gig-free desert continues, some artists have been busy


Exotic Monsters (My Big Sister)

Laura Kidd has been very busy under lockdown and this is her latest single. It is electronic but not too far from what she previously released as “She Makes War”. There are analogue synth sounds, a burbling backbeat and Laura’s unique vocals, one of the best… There are pauses, some dramatic, and introspective lyrics, which […]

Cutchy Cash

Only By The Night (Main St.)

This single by Cutchy Cash has a great vibe – the first single from his second album, it’s somewhat redolent of The Coral and The View

Stanley Odd

The Invisible Woman (Handsome Tramp)

This new single from the Odd is a tribute to angry women everywhere.

Stephen McLaren

Put Me On The Television (Errant Media)

Stephen McLaren has made several great albums and this is his new single, with an album to be released later this year.