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Single review

Lonely Tourist

Tom and the Library (Tourist Info)

Long time ITM? fave Lonely Tourist (aka Paul Tierney, who decamped to Bristol a good few years ago) is back with this track.

Kapil Seshasayee

The Ghararial/The Pink Mirror (Loner Noise)

After a bit of gestation Kapil Seshasayee has suddenly emerged as the sound of the moment!

Let it Come Down

Vicky (Shimmy Disc)

This is another track from Scotland-based (at times!) Xan Tyler


Exit//Frame (bandcamp)

Latest release from the mighty Foreignfox of Fife is this stunning single

No Serial Killer

We're All Going 2 Die (Gracerider) (bandcamp)

No Serial Killer has just released their debut track ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’.

Starry Skies

Here Comes the Moon (Foxstar)

This is an optimistic and glorious single, and just what we all need in these dark times!

Two Door Cinema Club

Lost Songs (Found) EP (Prolifica)

This is a “7-track collection of rarities and B-sides”.

The Son(s)

Silver Fingers (Olive Grove)

This outfit hail from the East of Scotland and have a very melancholy vibe

The Godfathers

I’m Not Your Slave / Wild and Free (Godfathers Recordings)

The last time I reviewed a Godfathers release, the group’s tremendous 2017 album, ‘A Big Bad Beautiful Noise’

Le Fil

'Undercover Lover’ (The Animal Farm)

Le Fil is a name which has been popping up a lot recently within my network.