My Alamo


Oh Lord, do we really need another Welsh rock band with strangely convincing American accents? Judging by the look of the art work, (which is laden with rough typography and ghostly butterflies) this single probably consists of yet another bunch of whiney emo kids drowning their sorrows and lining their eyes with smoky kohl. But as it turns out, My Alamo are actually a completely different breed from Lost Prophets. There�s some heavy palm muting and meaty metal riffage, with the middle eight offering something a little more interesting as it stumbles into an insanely catchy barrage of Feeder like �oos�. �Doctor Doctor� is more grungy, but again incorporates metal elements. Most definitely not my cup of tea, but would do well amongst the Kerrang generation.

Vicki Cole


Is This How It Ends / Hey Bang Bang

Do Australia�s customs people have a strict style control over the bands the country exports? In recent years few bands have emerged from down under flaunting anything other than this brand of incredibly dull �new car smell� rock. (The exceptions being maybe The Sleepy Jackson, The Grates and The Vines; but The Grates� singer terrifies me and Craig Nicholls and co. have long since lost their initial vitality.) These are passable tunes, but about as far removed from the car-crash spirit of rock and roll as the genre can get. �Hey Bang Bang� shoots for the same universal emotive mark as �Run�. And it�s a fair effort, but does nothing to stir the soul of this reviewer.

Steve Turkingon

The Pack


Wow, this was not what I was expecting I thought to myself. Then I realised I hadn�t actually put the promo CD of this on and was listening to Edinburgh hip-hop act 3Style from last year�s T-Break sampler which was still in the machine. True story. Vans, the debut single from hip-hop�s next big thing was not as impressive. Very much influenced by Snoop Dogg, the lyrics lack intelligence and the beats are repetitive with an annoying chorus. They�ll probably be huge.

Kirk Burton

The Kills

No Wow

Did anyone ever like this band? Yet another lumpen wad of wooooooo scary-scary swampy blues. Surely it’s time for this bandwagon to roll out of town. Dross.

Mono Taxi

Kind Of Better

Mono Taxi‘s debut single A Kind Of Better initially sounds slapdash and lazy. It’s identekit woozy indie-pop. However, the more exposure you have to it the more it gets under your skin. If gallic’s your thing check this out. If not, do so anyway it’ll make you feel summery this dreary autum. Altogether now: Expensive shampoo’s out of my league…

And, it has a b-side that reminds me of the way The Bangles were always supposed to sound. Jolly good.