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Wicked Man's Rest (Chalk Mark)

Passenger used to be known as the Mike Rosenberg Band, and undoubtedly everyone (except Mr Rosenberg’s Mum) will be glad of the change. Unfortunately they’re still peddling the kind of insipid Pop Idol-reject, saccharine-sweet, consumer-friendly rock-lite that they used to, before they got a decent name. They might have slotted a sample of Allen Ginsberg’s […]

Towers of London


Run to the hills and block up your ears, because Towers of London still refuse to die. Apparently, they’ve even got their own TV show (on Bravo TV) and this is the theme tune. They’ve also supported their heroes, Guns N Roses, by personal request, which just goes to show that Axl Rose is even […]

Seth Lakeman

King and Country

Okey-dokey, so far, so pleasantly folky�Not the most original song I�ve ever heard, but this gently nags away at you, until resistance is futile. The understated guitar playing (knew there was a reason for instrumental versions in 2007!) is a real joy. Repeated listens to this track may warm your heart, if not blowing you […]

Daniel Rachel

A Taste of Money (Dust)

Give a man an acoustic guitar and he�ll learn how to play a Beatles song to his pals. However, if you teach a man how to write songs then more than often than not, he�ll churn out average songs but believe he is the singular reincarnation of the fab four. Daniel Rachel, with his second […]

The Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club

Impossible Sightings Over Shelton (Fantastic Plastic)

The name may conjure images of men in monocles counting Guineas over a round table in a cigar smoke filled room; I expected a musical narrative on brandy drinking, beard grooming, waistcoats, pocket watches and hearty chortles at third world famine. Instead I find the band mainly consists not of gentlemen at all, but of […]

Larrikin Love

Well, Love Does Furnish A Life (Infectious)

Once it�s stumbled over the ridiculously clumsy title, this new single from Mr Larrikin mixes and matches musical styles as if he�s raided his vinyl collection with gay abandon. Opening with jangling guitars that bring to mind vanished indie gods The La�s, it then slumps into a pseudo-reggae beat, before the Top Ten-friendly chorus finally […]


Rewind (Roll)

It�s worth stating from the outset that electro-house has to do something pretty special to make me sit up and pay attention. It has its time and its place � preferably about two in the morning, with a pint of tequila coursing through my veins � but outside of that it�s unlikely to make it […]

Zapped By A Million Volts

What�s The Miles Per Gallon, Alan? (Grace)

Someone�s been listening to a little too much Ian Dury & The Blockheads, I think. True, this single has an infectious urgency about it that still survives despite the unwieldy title, but unless we�re turning the clock back twenty years it�s hard to see �What�s The Miles Per Gallon, Alan?� succeeding in the modern world. […]

Little Barrie

Pin That Badge (Genuine)

Little Barrie return (did anyone notice they’d been away?) with an unashamedly retro EP that claims to have �funk� and �soul� but in reality has as much bite as a toothless chihuahua. This sounds like it took about five minutes to write, and it takes about five seconds to forget it completely. The B-side, ‘Green-Eyed […]

The Rapture

W.A.Y.U.H People Don�t Dance No More (Mercury)

I went to review this single then realised I�d put Talking Heads Remain in the Light on instead. Never mind they�re just the same so I�ll get away with it. Spiky, jerky guitar, clanging cowbells, electronic blips and beeps, rhythmic beats and squealing vocals. This is great if not at all original and more than […]