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LUNG (Sacem)

Oh god, all those nights waking up at 4am, licking the steps of the Art School have clearly taken their toll. I can’t make out a word of this, it’s all jargon! Perhaps I ought to slow my debauchery down a touch. What’s that? They’re singing in French!? Ah right, that explains it, panic over. […]

Colin Kerr

The Perilous Final Passage Of The Romantic Weights (5th Floor)

To call this an experimental album is to sell it short. Radiohead are experimental. Beck is experimental. Even Damon All-Bran manages to conjure up the occasional moment of genre-crossing genius. Colin Kerr is something else. While the rest of them are tinkering in the chemistry lab, he’s outside building a nuclear bomb from old washing […]

Moby/Debbie Harry

New York, New York (Mute)

Taken from Moby’s forthcoming Best Of, ‘New York, New York’ is a throwaway piece of electro pop that mines its inspiration from the same seam as camp fellow New Yorkers, Scissor Sisters. It’s sure to fill the nation’s dancefloors, while also, no doubt, tickling the top end of the charts, but, in all honesty, I’m […]

Actress Hands

Half An Hour (Life Is Easy)

A single that’s less than two minutes long? And it’s called ‘`Half An Hour’? Someone’s taking the piss, surely. This is an enjoyably frenetic burst of rough-edged indie pop, but it’s hardly underway before it finishes with a sudden crash, and we’re left sitting in silence again. Unless you’re intending to put it on repeat […]

James Morrison

Wonderful World (Polydor)

Britain feels like it is suffering from an epidemic of nancy boys these days, when actually there are only a few of the whiny, curly-haired singer-songwriters. In the true spirit of the commercial chart they survive far longer than anybody actually able to hear how painful their music is wants them to. ‘`Wonderful World’ is […]

The Automatic

Recover (B-Unique)

Whatever they’ve done to the ‘Get! Up!’ bit of this song for this new, jazzed up single version, it’s bad. As is the fact they’ve polished it up so much it could just about be the Kaiser Chiefs. But they’ve got the catchy choruses, the youthful energy and the ability to make shouting sound like […]


Lethologica (Motive Sound Recordings)

We had very high hopes for this, the beautifully designed sleeve and poo-brown CD seemed to promise a world of twinkling electronics and soft beats. Instead it’s tediously over-long post-rock rubbish. It just goes on and on and on without doing anything that yawn-monkeys like Slint weren’t doing to equally stultifying effect 15 years ago. […]

The Blood Arm

Suspicious Character (City Rockers)

With a chorus of “I like all the girls and all the girls like me” you better have the confidence and belief to carry that line off. Thankfully, The Blood Arm seemed to have returned with an unshakeable swagger and appear ready to climb a few rungs on the indie-ladder. AR


Starlight ()

In the past 18 months cosmic rockers Muse have been elevated from indie-also rans to a festival headline act. Rightly so in the eyes of some, undeservedly say others. However, this second single from album ‘`Black Holes and Revelations’ represents Muse mark II; post commercial success, Muse appear to have re?ned their sound, and ‘`Starlight’ […]

James Dean Bradfield

An English Gentleman (Sony BMG)

There’s a current vogue for Nineties stars releasing solo projects without actually leaving their band, as if today’s rock gods are far too sensible and financially-driven to give up the day job. This single, taken from solo album ‘`The Great Western’, bounces with a Kinks-style perkiness that the Manics could never get away with, even […]