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Ordinary Boys

Lonely At The Top (B-Unique)

Now I may be wrong, but I remember The Ordinary Boys’ debut single, ‘`Over the Counter Culture’ marking them as something of a post-punk band. Bearing that in mind, I am particularly befuddled as to why ‘` upon pressing the play button on my unnecessarily attractive CD player ‘` I am greeted with what can […]

The Bulbs

Slightly Imperfect (Tommy Bosch)

This band think they are ker-raze-eee. Instead their sound is perfectly mediocre. Their website describes them as ‘melodic, hypnotic and chaotic’ but with their sub standard indie rock, that statement couldn’t be further from the truth. MF

Ping Pong Bitches

Roc Ya Body (Umami)

London’s bad girls Ping Pong Bitches might have gone a long way since their first releases on Alan McGee’s Poptones. Apart from vocals on The Prodigy’s latest album and playing worldwide, they have recently signed with Mark Moore’s (of S’Express fame) Umami and recorded a new album, Alpha Dog. ‘`Roc Ya Body’, the first single […]

Charlotte Hatherley

I Want You To Know (Little Sister)

Did you know Ash had relocated to New York shedding guitarist Charlotte Hatherley in the process? No? Me either. Anyway, apparently Ms Hatherley is now solo and, if her press release is to be believed, striking out in a bold new direction. Her new single, taken from the forthcoming ‘The Deep Blue’ album on her […]

The Noisettes

Don�t Give Up (Universal)

The Noisettes are Shingai Shoniwa and Dan Smith, formerly of Sonarfly and Jamie Morrison, who joined the duo in December 2003. Their 4-track debut “Three Moods of the Noisettes!” was released in the summer of 2004 and only a taster of what was to come. Rhythmic rock and sleazy blues influences create their schizophrenic, rough […]

Susy Thomas

Free Myself (Season)

Susy Thomas has a pleasant enough voice and Grade 8 guitar (according to the biog), but so far that�s as far as it goes. The song is over-orchestrated, with the result that this just melts to nothingness within a second of ending. Jane Taylor does this much better. Hint: Less Is More, Susy (check your […]

The Hours

Back When You Were Good (A&M)

Every now and then a song comes along that you know you shouldn�t like, and try as I might,I thought I could resist this but if it�s a guilty pleasure then so be it, I love this song! There may come a time when The Hours are massive and it is deemed uncool to like […]

Nightmare Of You

My Name is Trouble (Fulltime Hobby)

Why Americans and a certain group of UK teens love this kind of insipid emo nonsense is something that I feel doomed to never understand. Nightmare Of You are dull beyond dull from the tips of their perfectly tousled hair cuts to their almost designer battered converse. Two songs of vague indie mush with a […]

The Triffids

Save What You Can (Domino)

After reading the press release for this single I was expecting to be blown away by The Triffids music having never heard them before. However,although it was good, it did sound a little like The House of Love at a weaker moment or possibly even a sub standard James track. It was inoffensive, and the […]

I Killed Pharoah

Home EP ()

When a up and coming rock band list the best-forgetting Three Colours Red as an influence, one�s natural instinct is to run away. While the requisite low slung guitars and squealing solos are all present and correct, this four piece (whose line up includes a guitarist with the rather exotic name of Lukather, which conjures […]