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Juliette And The Licks

Sticky Honey (Hassle)

Serving up three minutes of saccharine-sweet guitar pop, this would have been a surefire hit back in the summer. Bouncy, light, and clearly aimed at the popular market, �Sticky Honey� unfortunately feels all-too-easily discardable when it suddenly comes to a close, lacking even a final chord to fade out on. Like Ronald McDonald�s honeycomb-studded McFlurries, […]

Pray for Hayden

Death of Me ()

I can�t work out if they�re trying to sound like Hell is For Heroes (when they�re shouting) or Lostprophets (when they�re not). It could go one way or the other, perhaps it could be promising. It�s the whiny voice that does it, every time. Whilst it�s not exactly breaking the boundaries of all that is […]

To My Boy

theGrid (Abeano)

To My Boy�s second single has a rather vague, Matrix-lite, concept behind it, with theGrid apparently being �either evil or beautiful�beginning life as a rickety wires, quickly growing heavy girders with the help of a bass machine�. What they are on about, or what their lyrics are muttering about is a mystery. Musically To My […]

Herman Dune

Giant (Source Etc)

I knew little about Herman Dune before last summers� Hey You, Get Off My Pavement (other than having heard the sublime ‘Not on Top’)


Me Plus One

�Shoot the Runner� proved that Kasabian could revive glam rock, but �Me Plus One� reveals a more subtle, brooding nature. Due in no small part to Serge Pizzorno’s engaging vocal, this is a wonderfully harmonious dance-rock classic that should see them established as the most refreshing, original, exciting band in Britain. It ebbs and flows […]

Palace Fires

Never Gonna Get Away (Bespoke)

Sprightly anthemic indie rock, surely bound for afternoon shows across the land. In a nut shell, Chris Martin recruits Peter Hook to write U2-esque hits � so unless you�ve been living under the sea for the past year you won�t be too surprised. The flipside � �Lonely Feeling� – sounds like The Coral after they […]

They Don’t Sleep

The Drawing Game ()

Large and orchestral is the order of the day for They Don�t Sleep and �The Drawing Game� release. All three tracks have a grandiose feel, with lead track �Signature� clocking in at over six minutes and retaining a dark menace throughout. It may take a while for the vocals to kick in but when they […]


Test The Water

Mashing early 90’s psychadelia with a Doves-indebted Madchester groove, The KBC manage to sound completely fresh even though �Test The Water� sounds as though it could easily have crash-landed on your I-pod (or shall we say tape player) ten years ago. Getting Bjork producer Damian Taylor on board also hasn�t harmed them any, as �Test […]


Wicked Man's Rest (Chalk Mark)

Passenger used to be known as the Mike Rosenberg Band, and undoubtedly everyone (except Mr Rosenberg’s Mum) will be glad of the change. Unfortunately they’re still peddling the kind of insipid Pop Idol-reject, saccharine-sweet, consumer-friendly rock-lite that they used to, before they got a decent name. They might have slotted a sample of Allen Ginsberg’s […]

Towers of London


Run to the hills and block up your ears, because Towers of London still refuse to die. Apparently, they’ve even got their own TV show (on Bravo TV) and this is the theme tune. They’ve also supported their heroes, Guns N Roses, by personal request, which just goes to show that Axl Rose is even […]