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Single review


’45 tours no.2 (Megaphone)

Oh dear, you say. A single called ‘’45 tours no.2’? The second part of a three-part experimental waltz?

Luminous Frenzy

Three Cliffs Bay (Freeport)

There really is something luminous about this odd indie/trip-hop crossover, proof that Luminous Frenzy know exactly what they’re doing

Funk D’Void

Lovin’ (Soma)

Funk D’Void, AKA Lars Sandberg, has crafted a sprawling dance epic in ‘Lovin’, although some would have hoped for less length and more craft


A Ghost In The Arcade (Sequel)

Since parting company with Parlophone/EMI, Idlewild have enjoyed a miraculous return to form

Peter Derzbach

Deni ()

Is this a joke? Seriously, is it? It’s an absolute stroke of genius if it is. But life tends not to allow us such relief. Instead we have to resign ourselves to the fact that this single is just bad. You may cry upon hearing it. Sure at first you think that the spoken introduction […]

The Race

Find Out (Shifty Disco)

Three minutes of stuttering guitar pop that owes equal debts to Sonic Youth and The Cure, this is a neatly packaged surprise for all fans of Britain’s homegrown talent.` Sounding like Bloc Party with rougher edges and a growling bellyful of distorted guitar noise, Reading five-piece The Race deserve a place in the starting blocks […]

Dirty Pretty Things

Wondering (Universal)

There’s a lot of bluster and London smarm to Dirty Pretty Things ‘Wondering’ single but there is a lack of a chorus. The guitars nearly make up for it with their stabbing jabs and ringing lines but sounding like a Razorlight B-side shouldn’t be a triumph for anyone. AR

The Raconteurs

Hands (XL)

If there was ever a time for Jack White to get out of that band you may have heard of (think they were called the Black Keys),` you get the feeling he may actually have put the Stripes on hiatus at the right time. To expect anything of the same calibre would possibly be frivolous, […]

Chris Stills

When The Pain Dies Down, Live in Paris (V2)

Mr Stills is a very talented, passionately voiced and technically skilled musician, yet he doesn’t break any ground with his very Jeff Buckley influenced live recordings which contain songs too structurally obvious to be exciting. MF


Cool as You/Charles ()

There’s nothing in this world like a good education… no, actually, I really mean it. They’re just not all that good. Their double A side is infused with that endearing skuzzy unfinished sound along with vocals that manage to sound both lazy and yet painfully try-hard. The lyrics of ‘Cool as You’ plod through clichés […]