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12 Stone Toddler

Twang (Amazon)

Sadly, Twang is not a heart-wrenching ode to a certain Mondays-aping Brummie outfit, but is actually a Zappa-tinged slab of sleaze pop

Odeon Beat Club

Being Realistic (Beatclub Recordings)

Other than being (presumably) named after their favourite chain of popcorn peddling cine-houses

Scout Niblett

Just Do It / Dinosaur Egg (Too Pure)

This is music at is minimalist best. What Scout Niblett has requires no background noise, no distraction from her melodious, but decidedly edgy, vocal


Simon Says (Caned & Able)

Where so many songs of today linger on notes and riffs far longer than is necessary, what we have here is a nice brisk funky tune

Thirteen Senses


Some bands just aren’t supposed to be loud

X is Loaded vs I Am The Door

Momentum Fails vs Our Own Radio (Sugar Shack)

If Kasabian had been Iron Maiden fans, then LSF might’ve been broken up by massive big noisy bits with superfluous guitar nonsense

The Holloways

Dancefloor (TVT)

I almost needed therapy after hearing Two Left Feet, so the fact that this track sounds nothing like that one is quite a relief

Maximo Park

Our Velocity (Warp)

After the spectacular failure of the Futureheads’ second album, Maximo Park must have been a bit afraid of messing up their return

The Blood Arm

Angela (City Rockers)

If ‘Suspicious Character’ couldn’t provide them with a breakthrough hit, nothing can

Arctic Monkeys

Brianstorm (Domino)

Having carried the tag of young upstarts around with them for the last twelve months, the Arctic Monkeys are now as firmly entrenched in the British indie scene as Bloc Party