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Single review

The Blood Arm

Angela (City Rockers)

If ‘Suspicious Character’ couldn’t provide them with a breakthrough hit, nothing can

Arctic Monkeys

Brianstorm (Domino)

Having carried the tag of young upstarts around with them for the last twelve months, the Arctic Monkeys are now as firmly entrenched in the British indie scene as Bloc Party

The Lodger

Kicking Sand (Angular Recording Corporation)

Ever wondered what happened to the bright, sparkling indie pop tunes of the mid-Nineties?

The Low Miffs

Earl Grey (art/goes/pop)

It should come as no real surprise to find out that The Low Miffs’ new single is excruciatingly artsy.

Ten Storeys High

Good Things (Sweet Day)

Ten Storeys High have just been selected to support The Proclaimers on a leg of their tour, which might make you expect a much more pared-back affair than this single offers

Chris Cornell

Arms Around Your Love (Polydor)

It’s hard to see who Chris Cornell is hoping to please with this latest single, the first to be taken from his forthcoming second solo album

Ten To Never

Ten To Never EP (...)

Ten To Never are a slow-grower in more ways than one. The opening track of this debut EP, ‘ Supernovae And Spiderwebs’, takes over two minutes to get going

Actress Hands

Mistaken For Strangers (Beggars Banquet)

There’s a kernel of a good song nestled somewhere in ‘Come The Summer Days’, but wherever it lurks Actress Hands aren’t quite able to tease it out into the sunlight

Pull Tiger Tail

Hurricanes (B-Unique)

Pull Tiger Tail have been stirring up a storm for some time now, and with their debut album due in August there’s an unmistakeable rumble of musical thunder on the horizon

The Gems

Automatic Pusher Life (Hijacked)

A bit of feedback, a thunderous drum intro, it’s all looking so good. And then the singer opens his mouth and right on cue his vocal snarl heralds a 3-chord trick Noel Gallacher would have rejected as being a bit too formulaic. The b-side is better with some harmonies and some jangly guitar but we’d […]