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Fortune Drive

Recent Advances Vol II (Shy)

The real meanings of phrases from the press releases of recent advance singles, volume 2: ‘` ‘`from your Dad’s attic’` -` ` ` ` ` They have a bit of a tired sound ‘` ‘`They rip up genre boundaries’` -` ` ` ` ` Their genre of pompous shiny garage rock isn’t cool right now. […]

Mike Rosenberg Band

Philadelphia (Chalkmark)

‘`Philadelphia’ is a sensitive track covering subjects such as homelessness and isolation. The song has a good beat and although Rosenberg’s voice is unusual and at points over-produced, he’s very easy to listen to. This is the kind of track that it wouldn’t be surprising to hear it in a Brit Flick in the near […]

Streaky Jake

What's Wrong? Nothing (Metal Postcard)

If you like the concept of the modern singer-songwriters but are finding them all too clean and polished to be believable, then Streaky Jake may be right up your street. The entire record seems to be covered in a layer of murky grime that slightly mutes and muffles the tracks but doesn’t hide the finger-picking […]

IV Thieves

The Day Is A Downer EP (One Little Indian)

The fact that Noel Gallagher dubbed IV Thieves ‘`the biggest band in Britain’` is something that might alienate potential fans rather than win the hearts of many music lovers out there. The best approach to listen to IV Thieves is without paying attention to Gallagher’s words. This Texas-based four piece is indeed able to provide […]


Sapphire Eyes (Playlouder)

‘`Sapphire Eyes’ by Serena-Maneesh is an unusual blend of light, airy indie with heavier rock influences. At times this sounds like two different songs being played together and is more of a battle than a collaboration. The singer is fairly incomprehensible but has a light, airy feel which compliments the quieter sections of the song. […]

The Telescopes

Hungry Audio Tapes (Hungry Audio)

Not actually a concept album about a gang of man-eating cassettes that exact revenge on the inventor of the CD (Samuel L Jackson’s set to star in that one early next year, I believe), but rather a collection of The Telescopes’ recordings for Norwich label Hungry Audio. Multi-layered, atmospheric and about as approachable as a […]


Shine On (Atlantic)

Who thought it would happen? I for one certainly had Jet’s brief popularity pegged as a one album affair. They return now in 2006 with ‘`Shine On’`. The rock and roll cliché title is all you need to know about this release. This is an album which is musically and lyrically full of clichés. The […]


Office Girlfriend ()

Silvertop have been performing together since they were in school. I think if the opportunity was available to compare their current vacuous endeavours to their adolescent offerings there would be little difference. While ‘`Office Girlfriend’ is not abysmal (but note that it is no means particularly enjoyable either) it is lacking texture and thus remains […]

Steve Thorne

Emotional Creatures: Part One (Giant Electric Pea)

With Lord of The Rings back in vogue, it’s probably no surprise that other 1970’s-esque guilty pleasures attempt to sneak in the back door. Steve Thorne’s debut album is hoping that Prog-Rock is next in line for a resurgence as his record reeks of early Genesis and of the pomposity that blighted that era. ‘God […]


Bring It On Back (Atlantic)

A few months ago I read an interview with Noel Gallagher, where he listed Jet as one of his favourite bands, although he admitted that they weren’t the kind of music he usually liked. Which is odd, as the Aussie foursome seem determined to sound as much like Oasis as possible. One can only assume […]