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The International Pop Assassins

Songs from the Acoustic Kitchen (Seminal)

Lovely acoustic songs from this duo – there is a very Americana feel to the 3 songs here


Synths Like Minds (Aufgeladen und Bereit)

Having built up a more than credible reputation in Scotland through airplay on Vic Galloway’s show and word of mouth live performances

The Twilight Sad

That Summer At Home I Had Become A Boy (Fat Cat)

This, the debut, from Glasgow’s elusive Twilight Sad is something very special indeed

Ape Drape Escapes

Traditional Music (...)

This is one of these fast, frenetic messes, where everything whizzes by you so fast that you don’t actually notice until it’s over that there’s almost nothing to it

The Low Miffs

Earl Grey / This Is The New (Art Goes Pop)

Basking in shmindie Kudos, the Low Miffs continue to fire low-fi pop blisters from their cannon like a flaming C86 compilation on wobble

The Kaiser Chiefs

Everything Is Average Nowadays (B-Unique)

What is it with the Kaisers? One minute they’re dressing like Richard Whiteley lost in a Soho squat and ‘Whuoooa’-ing they’re way around the globe


No Emotion (Sequel)

Yes, in principle it is totally wrong – Idlewild with a disco beat – but in practice, well, the result is kind of good

Pull Tiger Tail

Let's Lightning (B-Unique)

Even if you ignore the fact that they look like We Are Scientists if you were to trade Mr Moustache for Heath Ledger during his blonde years

Maroon 5

Makes Me Wonder (A&M/Octone)

Seventies disco covered in an eighties style that sounds like rollerskates with bright pink wheels ought to feature in its promo video in some way

Kate Nash

Foundations (Fiction)

Mixing DIY laptop-pop with the kind of chav-tastic girliness that Lily Allen has owned the patent on up until now, Kate Nash has ‘indie hit’ written all over her cheeky smile