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Knights Of Cydonia (A&E)

The Magnificent Seven meets Mars Attacks! in the latest single from Mercury-nominated album Black Holes & Revelations, and not a moment too soon. Mixing Queen-style operatics with a sci-fi sensibility and that trademark Muse sound, this is the soundtrack to the weird battles that rage inside Matt Bellamy�s head. Supercharged, supernova, and just downright super, […]

Rob Sharples

So the Story Goes (Marrakesh)

Hailing from Bristol, Rob Sharples finds himself releasing his most recent EP on Marrakesh Records, the brainchild of Lizard King co-owner Dom Hardistry. It must be a match made in heaven, because this music is just lovely. Production and mixing is helmed by Paul Corkett (Bjork, Placebo, Nick Cave) who gently steers picked guitar arpeggios […]

Good Shoes

The Photos On My Wall (Brille)

Persevering with the jerking strut-rock that made �All In My Head� a surprise indie hit, Good Shoes continue to build their �next big thing� reputation with this short-but-sweet single. It might not have the instant appeal of their previous effort, but it�s still a particularly tasty slice of attitude-driven guitar pop. Put on your most […]

Mr Hudson and The Library

Too Late, Too Late (Mercury)

Mr Hudson and the Library are a self-described ‘cross-pollination of hip hop, reggae beats and classic song writing’. That sounds like an interesting blend from the start. It is clear from the first listen that Mr Hudson sees himself as part of the new breed of British artists who wax lyrical about today’s ‘yoof culture’. […]

Senses Fail

Calling All Cars (Vagrant)

Yawn. A poor man�s Green Day, too soft for the heavy metal crowd, too upbeat to be emo. Senses Fail have fired and missed at every target audience with this monstrosity of a record that deserves to be burned more violently than a Jade Goody effigy. It�s about as unique as a wet weekend in […]

Herman Dune

Giant (Source Etc)

I knew little about Herman Dune before last summers� Hey You, Get Off My Pavement (other than having heard the sublime ‘Not on Top’)

The Gossip

Standing in the Way of Control (Back Yard)

These crazy Yanks – coming over here, stealing our women and our number one spots in our well respected cool lists… All the recent �media� fluff surrounding The Gossip can�t take away from the awesome dancefloor credentials of this tune; demented vocals; a blood broiling, infectious bass loop and crashing drums; all perfect for some […]

My Alamo

994 (Seventh Star)

Oh Lord, do we really need another Welsh rock band with strangely convincing American accents? Judging by the look of the art work, (which is laden with rough typography and ghostly butterflies) this single probably consists of yet another bunch of whiney emo kids drowning their sorrows and lining their eyes with smoky kohl. But […]


Is This How It Ends / Hey Bang Bang (Loog)

Do Australia�s customs people have a strict style control over the bands the country exports? In recent years few bands have emerged from down under flaunting anything other than this brand of incredibly dull �new car smell� rock. (The exceptions being maybe The Sleepy Jackson, The Grates and The Vines; but The Grates� singer terrifies […]

The Pack

Vans (Columbia)

Wow, this was not what I was expecting I thought to myself. Then I realised I hadn�t actually put the promo CD of this on and was listening to Edinburgh hip-hop act 3Style from last year�s T-Break sampler which was still in the machine. True story. Vans, the debut single from hip-hop�s next big thing […]