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Single review

Pan Electric

Ethiopia (Chillosophy)

Pan Electric is the name for projects by producer Matt Coldrick, and on this occasion ‘Ethiopia’ is a collaboration with Zero 7’s Neil Cowley

Adrian Hockey

There is a Mountain (Static Caravan)

It’s the sound of langorous summery meadows from this one-man folkpop outfit

Pale Man Made / Sea I Am

Cries and Wild Eyes / The Sea Thief (Fake Dream)

The first thing you notice about this split 7″: is the charmingly apt sea-blue vinyl.


The Wreck of the Eddie Fitzpatrick / I’m Jesus and You’re Not (PinkBOX)

Like Yellobelly, this 7” is splattered in pink, though there’s a choice of blue and brown vinyl respectively.

The Late Greats

Destroy My Brain (Isumi)

All a tres-moderne blur of Joy Division and Bloc Party, this has a much rougher edge

L’il Ze

Why? (Framingo)

2 tracks from Glasgow 3-piece of indistinct musical direction – ‘Why’ is a weird echoey almost ambient piece

Hot Mangu

Time Again (Fat Hippy)

Be Warned. This is funk metal. This is hip hop rock.

Drive By Argument

Sex Lines Are Expensive Comedy (Lizard King)

Ayr disco punks Drive By Argument may recently have bagged a support slot with kohl kidders Panic! At The Disco, but don’t let that put you off

12 Stone Toddler

Twang (Amazon)

Sadly, Twang is not a heart-wrenching ode to a certain Mondays-aping Brummie outfit, but is actually a Zappa-tinged slab of sleaze pop

Odeon Beat Club

Being Realistic (Beatclub Recordings)

Other than being (presumably) named after their favourite chain of popcorn peddling cine-houses