BM is feeling discombobulated today after the shock news that the Welsh Climate Change minister is actually Aphex Twin’s sister – who knew? more… “Shears”

Broken Chanter

Extinction Event Souvenir T-Shirt

The long-awaited new single from Broken Chanter is also the lead track from the new (second) album ‘Catastrophe Hits’, due out in October, and it is quite something. more… “Broken Chanter”

Minute Taker (feat. Bright Light Bright Light)

After The Rain

Manchester’s Minute Taker has several releases under his belt so far including several albums and a range of covers (a version of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ being a good example of the latter).

‘After The Rain’, from a forthcoming album ‘Wolf Hours’, is a silky technopop number, a vocal collaboration with fellow electro artist Bright Light Bright Light. It has the beats, the ambience and the killer chorus which could possibly launch it into the mainstream – there is also quite a gospel tinge to this track, along with some serious techno percussion.

The track is insanely catchy and the way the vocals weave around the main electro riffs is infectious… recommended.

Hamish Hawk

The Mauritian Badminton Doubles Champion 1973

Edinburgh artist Hamish Hawk has been excelling himself recently and this new track is a further example of his singular talent – it is quite something to behold!

How the hell can BM describe this – ok so there are shades of Neil Hannon in his arch pomp phase, all cute references to the posh life – “Common People sung by Christopher Wren…”

There is an art pop sensibility here which has been rarely seen in Scotland in recent years, maybe not since Franz Ferdinand – with production by Rob Jones and the song’s co-write, guitarist Andrew Pearson, this is a supremely confident offering, HH’s voice soaring (is it a baritone croon, if BM can get her classical references correct?)…

It is also incredibly catchy, and what the 1973 reference is about, who really cares – a really great achievement and deserves to be more widely heard.