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Single review

Randolph’s Leap

Petrichor (Olive Grove)

Adam from the Leap has been very productive in these surreal lockdown times

Elisabeth Elektra

My Sisters (Occult Babes)

Track 2 from the forthcoming album, ‘My Sisters’ ramps up the electronica

David Luximon

Duty of Care (Last Night From Glasgow)

BM has no idea who DL is but this is a great track, taking high notes of guitar riffs plus backing vocals and an infectious beat

Port Sulphur

Exploding Clockwork (Creeping Bent)

This is the lead track from an expansive 20 track compilation, with many great tracks from musicians far and wide…


Candid (Spinnup)

Well, where do I start? ‘Candid’ caught me off guard.


Fake Blood (BB)

Babybird continues to flood us with new material


Not Enough (download)

It’s so good to have a new track from Foxtrap

Man of the Minch

Circles (MotM)

Brand new from Man of the Minch, this is a big song, like really big

Leaving Bordeaux

Adrenaline (Bordeaux)

This is a stunning second single from Glasgow-based Leaving Bordeaux


Bathe (First Run)

Another track from Fauves, this a seven minute disco banger