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Single review

Constant Follower

Set Aside Some Time (CF / bandcamp)

This is a gorgeous track from Stirling’s Constant Follower, combining plucky guitar with wide sweeps of synth

Victoria Moralez

Eyes Off The Prize (vm)

“Harrowing” is the best way to describe ‘Eyes Off The Prize’.

Daryl Speirs

All Because of You (download)

Glasgow-based Daryl Speirs is releasing this single at the end of July and it is a bit of a dark horse… Maybe BM should have heard of him before but this is a massively accomplished debut single, quite lo-fi but none the worse for it… On listening, BM has to say that the song is […]

Dead Pony

Sharp Tongues (Lab)

Glasgow duo Dead Pony are full of energy on this, their second single

Out of the Swim

The University of Skinflats (bandcamp)

Falkirk/Glasgow four-piece Out of the Swim describe themselves as a band who “write songs for folk who feel like they’re swimming against the current.”

Lola Lennox

Back At Wrong (La Lennoxa)

itm? and indeed BM do not usually cover releases as commercial as this, but it is just such a banger.

Lime Juice

Quietude (1228687 Records DK)

Lime Juice are smashing it with their fresh release ‘Quietude’.

Dana Gavanski

Catch (Full Time Hobby)

Having come somewhat late to this

Adam Stafford

Thirty Years Of Bad Road (Song, by Toad)

Released last month, this is another track from itm? fave Adam Stafford.


A Condition Called Loneliness (calboa)

Calboa is the latest name to come out of the UK indie scene.