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Single review

The Twilight Sad

Rats / Public Housing (Rock Action)

These two tracks – from the ‘It Won/t Be Like This All the Time’


SALT EP (bandcamp)

Comprised of former members of Ruby Suit and Vatican Shotgun Scare and perhaps one or two others

Minimal Compact

Statik Dancing (Minimal Compact)

A re-recording of one of their early ’80s tracks from a Dutch band that has had several reunions since their split in 1988


Sound of Confession (#yougotgoodtaste)

Glasgow’s Helicon are releasing another album in 2020, and this is the first track from it.

Lemon Drink

A Song For You (Last Night From Glasgow)

This single is a belter – sleazy older men get it in the neck

L Space

I Never Knew / Tigers in the Street (Last Night From Glasgow)

L-space continue to beguile with their dreamy synth-pop

Loki (The Scottish Rapper)

Petty Shit (Loki)

As usual this is pretty (petty) heavy stuff so BM is going to review – the lead track from the new album -and then go for a wee lie down.

Blue Tiles

Headland (Errant Media)

This track is a trailer for an album from the Edinburgh act, to be released in October, and it rules!


Some People Are Inconvenient (Diamond Pure)

What does the asterisk in this Glasgow three-piece’s name stand for?

Stara Zagora

One Way Ticket to the Moon, Please (Stara Zagora)

Ayrshire-based singer-songwriter Sean McGeoch first made his mark in 2015 with the stunning debut Stara Zagora album, ‘Reality is the Nightmare’.