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short players (Scottish)


Pain Sells (download)

Cede is a collaboration between Becci Wallace and Alan Kerr – both of whom have other musical lives


Good Girls (Virgin)

Another single from the forthcoming ‘Screen Violence’ album, this is further slice of pure synthpop with attitude.

The Wife Guys of Reddit

Wet and Tired EP (Bandcamp)

This oddly-named combo comprise some musicians from various Scottish bands and this breezy slice of indie-rock is quite the thing…

Jamie Strachan

Anxieties (stream)

Jamie Strachan is a West of Scotland-based singer/songwriter who has been ploughing a somewhat lonely furrow these past few years

Ubre Blanca

Lockstep (Blanc Discs)

Glasgow outfit Ubre Blanca have been a bit quiet of late (spot the John Shuttleworth reference…)

Starry Skies

Do it With Love (Remix) (Fox Star)

The fourth single from The Starry Skies’ third album, released last year, is a remix of the title track


Queen Bee (Hotgem)

This is the lead track from a forthcoming album (‘Earth Mothers’, release slated for mid-July)

The Gilhoolys

STAR (Main St)

The press release states that this Glasgow act, “Once described by various DJs and Music Journalists as ‘The Next Big Thing From Scotland’

Errant Boy

The Poisoned Word (Errant Media)

In the first of two promised singles this year, the Edinburgh-based outfit spread their musical nous over this slightly mournful track.


Alive (Tantrum)

Glasgow-based electronic artist Malka’s latest track is quite a banger