Lonely People (Are Never Alone)

Falkirk band Artesan have released a string of singles in the past wee while and this is the latest. more… “Artesan”



Scottish-based artist Silvi’s most recent track follows the wonderful “Possessed” and further demonstrates her talent and versatility, digging even deeper this time with her incredible voice. Starting with a low-key whisper, the track soon bursts out into a full-on wigout with a massive bluesy guitar riff which she imitates vocally before we get a sotto voce section before the whole thing ramps up a further gear, if that is even possible (with Silvi’s voice pretty much anything is!).

The overall vibe is dramatic, ominous and possible life-threatening. The lyrics appear deliberately ambivalent – you can take these any way you wish but there’s clearly some raw emotion going on here. There is a full EP release due and even an “international date” as this artist’s star rises higher. Recommended.

Betty Mayonnaise

Man of Moon

You and I

Always good to have new material from Man of Moon, and mainman (of Moon!) Chris has teamed up with Pictish Trail/Lots of Other Bands drummer Iain more… “Man of Moon”


Landfill Culture

Presumably recorded before a couple of key band members decamped abroad, this blast of righteous rage is Girobabies latest release. more… “Girobabies”