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short players (Scottish)

Stock Manager

Blank Canvas (stream)

Stock Manager have had quite a low profile until now but this Glasgow-based three-piece have a new single out and it is quite the thing.

John Rush

The Older The Grape (The Sweeter The Wine) (JR)

John Rush has been building up a reputation these last few years with previous releases and some great live performances.

Dutch Wine

Whisky (Negative Hope)

Glasgow band Dutch Wine’s fourth single sees them develop their multi-layered guitar sound further

Hamish Hawk

Calls to Tiree (Post Electric)

Edinburgh-based Hamish Hawk has been active for a wee while now, but hasn’t really come up on BM’s radar until now


He Said She Said (Virgin)

The Scottish electropop giants return with their first new material in a year or two, a likely prelude to a fourth album later in the year.

Feet of Clay

No Apologies (Button Up)

Based in the West of Scotland (Coatbridge to be exact) and Feet of Clay’s current single

Adam Stafford

Ruptured Telecine (Song, by Toad)

Adam Stafford started lockdown by releasing an album of “old” songs but this is the first track from a forthcoming new album

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Turn The Page (TGWCW)

This is in fact the first music that The Girl Who Cried Wolf ever made, from back in 2016.

Buffet Lunch

Said Bernie (Upset The Rhythm)

This is Scottish combo Buffet Lunch’s third single and it is taken from a forthcoming album ‘The Power of Rocks’

Obey Robots

Inside Out (Bandcamp)

Following last year’s ‘Let It Snow’, this is the second release from the collaborative project