Return of The Goat – free shows in Glasgow’s Westend

The Cinnamon Girls, Blueflint, Dave Dixon and Biff Smith

is this music? is proud to announce the first of a regular series of shows in Glasgow’s West End. These Sunday night shows at The Goat build on itm?’s reputation for quality lineups around Scotland including the successful monthly gigs promoted at the 13th Note. However, these new shows will be a little different – revisiting the venue’s previous reputation as a quality music venue. more… “Return of The Goat – free shows in Glasgow’s Westend”

Zoey Van Goey / The Starlets / John B McKenna

Glasgow 13th Note

“Eh, I’m quite drunk”. So declares John B McKenna, offering a somewhat unnecessary disclaimer to his appreciative audience. If McKenna was to be judged solely on his appearance and verbose lyricism, the verdict would surely be something along the lines of ‘tortured artist type’. But his frequent and charming between-song banter (including a plug of his demo cd followed by, “I only made six though”) reveals an unjustifiably modest and endearingly unpretentious demeanour.
more… “Zoey Van Goey / The Starlets / John B McKenna”