Return of The Goat – free shows in Glasgow’s Westend

The Cinnamon Girls, Blueflint, Dave Dixon and Biff Smith

is this music? is proud to announce the first of a regular series of shows in Glasgow’s West End. These Sunday night shows at The Goat build on itm?’s reputation for quality lineups around Scotland including the successful monthly gigs promoted at the 13th Note. However, these new shows will be a little different – revisiting the venue’s previous reputation as a quality music venue. more… “Return of The Goat – free shows in Glasgow’s Westend”

Malcolm Middleton

It's that time of year again

He’s not quite as ubiquitously Christmassy as the big bloke with the beard and red suit, but Malcolm Middleton has won a space in the hearts of anyone tired with the festive season and distraught at the prospect of another X-Factor number one more… “Malcolm Middleton”


How do you describe the first weekend of summer? If you’re living anywhere to the west of Falkirk it’s like the Arab Strap tune, a candid confessional of a band of friends necking Es and tonic wine and clambering into graveyards and waking up halfway towards autumn. more… “Midsummer”