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Malcolm Middleton

It's that time of year again (dreaming of a Scottish Christmas)

He’s not quite as ubiquitously Christmassy as the big bloke with the beard and red suit, but Malcolm Middleton has won a space in the hearts of anyone tired with the festive season and distraught at the prospect of another X-Factor number one


How do you describe the first weekend of summer? If you’re living anywhere to the west of Falkirk it’s like the Arab Strap tune, a candid confessional of a band of friends necking Es and tonic wine and clambering into graveyards and waking up halfway towards autumn.

We Were Promised Jetpacks / Jesus H. Foxx / Little Kicks

Glasgow 13th Note (Thurs 16th October)

itm? welcomes back 3 previous live favourites – the much-touted Jetpacks for their umpteenth (ok, 4th? 5th?) itm? show alongside JHF, fresh from their ordeal of a Danananaykroyd support, while Little Kicks, we believe, will be in full-band mode unlike their last acoustic appearance at the Note.

Spookey / We Rock Like Girls Don’t/ Miss The Occupier / The Hotlines

13th Note (04/10/2008)

We are right cockahoop to be welcoming back the fabulous Spookey from Hammamatsu, Japan. They walk like the Shangri-las and talk like the Ramones. This band should be made available on the NHS.

Amusement Parks on Fire / Gasgiant / North Atlantic Oscillation

Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire (26/09/2008)

itm? returns to Edinburgh with another cracking lineup…

David Holmes

Soundtracking lives (Interview)

With the exception of a few musical soundtracks, notably ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ and its follow-ups, David Holmes has been quiet in recent years but this musical drought has been ended by the release of ‘The Holy Pictures.’


Glasvegas (Columbia/Sony)

…And so here it comes. Possibly the most anticipated debut of the year, and one of the most anticipated debuts from Scotland ever. Unknown and unsigned a year ago, the fever of anticipation surrounding Glasvegas is such that you can already sense some people sharpening the knives, ready to cut them down to size.

Wizard festival preview/competition

(win a pair of tickets!)

A busy festival season continues with a top lineup at Wizard Festival which takes place on Fri 22nd / Sat 23rd, at the 50 acre New Deer Showground near Peterhead in Aberdeenshire.

Attic Lights competition

win exclusive 10" remixes EP (featuring Mogwai, Jim Noir, Camera Obscura and Found)

The whole world seems to be talking about Attic Lights (see previous review) with even tabloid recognition – helped in no small part by a chance meeting with David Gest followed by his, er, ‘guesting’ on a version of their new single.

Wickerman festival preview

and competition! (Dundrennan, 25th / 26th July)

With a festival every week (this is no exaggeration it’s hard to name favourites (especially when they’re running competitions with itm?) but we can say without much fear of dissent from the ranks of writers that the Wickerman festival is always at the top of our ‘to do’ list.