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is this music? podcast #2

Yes, another one! (...)

You wait six months and then two come along at once…

new itm? podcast

online now (first in 6 months!)

is this music? returns to the exciting world of streaming and mp3s with the first of what’s hopefully a regular series of podcasts.

Los Campesinos!

singles box (competition)

Here at itm? we dislike cheap publicity stunts. That said, we’re also suckers for them when they’re done well.

Six Finger Satellite

Providence post-electro act return (and offer free download)

Following their return with a new set of old unexplored horizons titled Half Control on Load Records

Pastels / Tenniscoats

video for single 'Vivid Youth' (from the Two Sunsets album)

Just in time for the tail end of summer, Glasgow indie legends The Pastels tie up with long-time collaborators, Japan’s Tenniscoats.

Paul Haig new album trailer

ex-Josef K man's 10th solo release (not counting compilations!)

Former Josef K mainman Paul Haig has announced details of his forthcoming album. Entitled Relive, it’s out on his own Rhythm of Life label in November.

Derrick Hart

You're Winning So I Quit (video)

Among the major label PR announcements, itm? receives many speculative ‘announcements’, many more than we could hope to have time to look at.

Second Hand Marching Band free download

A Dance to Half Death (now a free mp3)

A while ago multi-member collective The Second Hand Marching Band released EP ‘A Dance To Half Death’.

James Yorkston – Cornfield live

Cornfield (live video)

Coinciding with the release of the James Yorkston & The Big Eyes Family Players album ‘Folk Songs’, this is a live video of ‘Cornfield’.

Lou Barlow – new mp3 to download

mp3 of 'Gravitate' (free from Domino Records)

Lou Barlow’s new album ‘Goodbye Unknown’ is due out in October, but you can download ‘Gravitate’, if you give those nice people at Domino your email address…