Things in Herds

new download

It’s been a couple of years since Things in Herds’ third album Nothing Is Lost – they plan to release the follow-up sometime in the next few months “give or take a year or two”. In the meantime, they feature on an Italian compilation album, Any Wonder, which is available to download (for free) thanks to Italian music site Ondarock. The song is at the end of CD1, half way down this page if that manes sense.

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new single and tour

Following the success of her debut album, Bird-Brains, and a tour with Dirty Projectors late last year, 4AD release Tune-Yards single ‘Real Live Flesh’ on February 8th. more… “Tune-Yards”


new 'Space Shot' single released

Following their A-Z tour of the UK’s lesser visited venues, Ash continue their new ‘singles only’ campaign with ‘Space Shot’, which is, oddly, letter H in the alphabetical Series. more… “Ash”

Thomas White

Electric Soft Parade man releases solo single and album

Founding member of Electric Soft Parade and Brakes, THOMAS WHITE, will be previewing his second solo album ‘The Maximalist’ with a free download of his new single, ‘The Last Blast’. more… “Thomas White”

The other side of Xmas

MJ Hibbett

You know that we post links to our favourite videos here in the news section – in fact, that’s just about all that ever shows up in the news section, apart from rants about Simon Cowell every so often. more… “The other side of Xmas”