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- the digitalisation of music (...)

All we hear today is how we’re in a digital age, and how a focus on digital is what is moving our lives forward for the better. When it comes to music, many things have happened in the industry and there’s a debate regarding whether this is moving the industry forward or making it lose […]

Win Walker Jr noise-canceling headphones

Recently a company got in touch asking if we wanted to run a competition to win a pair of I-Mego Walker Jr noise-canceling headphones.

Soundlabs 2011

James Yorkston to headline 15th festival (August 4-8))

Once again, itm? is proud to partner up with (i.e. give a deserved plug) to Italy’s Soundlabs festival,

first podcast of 2011

Yes, eventually, the first podcast of the new year, with Luxury Car, Jonny and 17th Century among others – you can download it via iTunes, or get it at

Website of the Week!

accolade for itm? from (...)

As you know we’re never ones to blow our own trumpet – (or update this ‘news’ section that often) but itm? was recently awarded the accolade of ‘Website of the Week’ by AmazingRadio (the UK DAB/web radistation that features purely unsigned music). You can read all about it, or listen again to the piece. And […]

Soundlabs 2010

Simple Minds to headline Italian fest (August 1-2)

Regular visitors to the site will probably have noticed the banner ad for the Soundlabs festival

new podcast online now

issue 17 (...)

Yes, another fortnight, another ‘radio’ show…

Re-enter the Vaselines

Nirvana favourites complete comeback with new album (20 years on)

Following their recent live reformation, seminal Glasgow duo The Vaselines have finally recorded their second album – 20 years since the band split.

New Fall book

Mark E. Smith and The Fall: Art, Music and Politics (Ashgate Press)

A new book : ‘Mark E. Smith and The Fall: Art, Music and Politics’ has been published by Ashgate Press. Analysing the band’s place in popular culture,as the title suggests, it’s edited by Michael Goddard and Benjamin Halligan. Oh, and itm? scribe Andy Wood has contributed a chapter – hence us telling you about it […]

new itm? podcast

issue # 13 (lucky for some)

Podcast number 13 – you lucky listeners