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from Sutherland to Edinburgh

Former Long Fin Killie leader Luke Sutherland, now award-nominated novelist, will have his first stage play premiered at the Edinburgh festival. Venus As A Boy, his third book, has been adapted for the stage by the National Theatre of Scotland. The production has already toured the north of Scotland (Sutherland’s childhood home), taking in Hoy, […]

friends of Foe

David Mackenzie’s latest film, Hallam Foe, will be in cinemas nationwide from Friday the 31st of August. It stars Jamie Bell and Sophia Myles,with a suppoprting cast including Scottish favourites Maurice Roëves and Ewen Bremner. The similarly star-studded soundtrack album will appear 2 weeks before, on 13th August – and features Domino-related artists King Creosote, […]