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Will Sergeant

Bunnyman - A Memoir (Constable hardback)

Over the years there’s been a few books about the Liverpool post-punk scene

Amy Rigby

Girl To City: A Memoir (Southern Domestic)

The best biographies of musicians are, traditionally, the warts and all ones – full of salacious gossip and no holds barred detail

Cosmopolitan Scum! Edinburgh, the Arts and the Counterculture

Cosmopolitan Scum!: Edinburgh, the Arts and the Counterculture (Independent)

There’s some truth in the old myth that while Glasgow is the music capital of Scotland / the world, Edinburgh is king of the art scene.

Sympathy For The Drummer – Why Charlie Watts Matters

Mike Edison (Backbeat Books)

Ostensibly a biog of Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones this tome is actually an appreciation of the art of pounding the toms

The Red Light Zone

Jeff Zycinski (Lunicorn Press)

Most people in Scotland will have tuned into the national broadcaster at some time

Numan versus Numan

by Nicky Blue (Kindle / paperback)

For some, the punchline is already written

David Keenan

This Is Memorial Device (Faber & Faber)

Recalling 1980s small towns everywhere and underground music of that era

Lol Tolhurst

Cured - The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys (Quercus)

Reading this book, my first impression was, gritty.