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itm? #6 available online NOW!

featuring: Biffy Clyro, Franz Ferdinand, The Pastels, The Microphones, Smog, Northern Alliance, Hackpen Records, Luke Haines. reviews of: Tindersticks, Saloon, Rances McKee, Traashcan Sinatras and Alfie… plus a FREE CD

itm? #5 available online NOW!

featuring: Arab Strap, the Go Betweens, Gold Blade, Cherry Red Records, Bob ‘Fast Product’ Last. reviews of: Belle and Sebastian, Buzzcocks, White Stripes, Massive Attack, ballboy… plus a FREE CD

itm? #4 SOLD OUT !!

featuring: Aereogramme, Stephen Malkmus, bis, Ritteskamp. Oldsolar, The Grim Northern Social reviews of: Biffy Clyro, Mull Historical Society, Turin Brakes… plus a FREE CD featuring: ereogramme, Magoo, Ritterskamp, Sputniks Down, Kasule, Oldsolar, Honeyroot, Breschnev, Ostle Bay & My Legendary Girlfriend More info Page-by-page links to featured artists

itm? #3 SOLD OUT

featuring: Teenage Fanclub, Nick Cave, The Beauty Shop, Cayto, Swimmer One, Calamateur, Olympic Lifts… reviews of: BMX Bandits, Bubblecraft, Sputniks Down, Neko Case, Primal Scream, Supergrass, The Thrills, Ally Kerr… plus a FREE CD

itm? #2 SOLD OUT!

featuring: ballboy, Looper, Mercury Tilt Switch, Oasis (!), Alan Rankine, tRANSELEMENt, Benbecula Records, Star Spangles, V-Twin, radiomagnetic, Jim Gellatly, reviews of: The Delgados, Alabama 3, Sparklehorse, Aereogramme, Puressence, Ryan Adams, Suede, Ladytron, A, Jon Speccer, BRMC… plus a FREE CD

itm? #1 SOLD OUT!

featuring: Idlewild, the Delgados, The Zips, The Ghosts