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long players

The Breeders

All Nerve (4AD)

When the “Good morning!” on the album’s first single ‘Wait In The Car’ reaches your ears, it feels like a re-awakening

Tracey Thorn

Record (Unmade Road / Caroline)

Fanfares should be sounded! This is Tracey Thorn’s first album of new material in seven years.

Modern Studies

Mud and Flame (Fire)

So Scottish/Yorkshire baroque chamber pop combo Modern Studies are back with the lead single for their second long player ‘Welcome Strangers’

Errant Boy

We Like You (Errant Media)

A new track from this East of Scotland (i.e. Leith) based combo, follow up to the excellent ‘Means’ single and a precursor to an album this year.

God’s Wonderful Railway

My Early Hauntology Years (cassette/download/stream - via

This is wonderful!

Stick In The Wheel

Follow Them True (From Here)

I thought that if you had an acoustic guitar it meant that you were a protest singer’ sang Morrissey on The Smiths’ 1985 single ‘Shakespeare’s Sister.’

The Just Joans

You Might Be Smiling Now... (Fika)

The Just Joans – sardonic, doleful and straight outta Motherwell.

Dead Hope

Songs From The Second Floor (DH)

Clearly not a band seeking the limelight, this Glasgow three-piece,


The Man Made Man (KFM)

Rather than an ambient collection as per previous releases


This is CrapFi (Floppy)

Shoegaze as a musical genre is somehow simple but complex – what can seem like one theme may reveal shifting layered patterns underneath.