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Album review


To The Earth (Edition)

The sounds here are very sparky and bright and jazzy

Tiny Fighter

Perfect Game (Bay Terrace)

What is it about early summer that brings out singer-songwriters with synths and sighing, breathy vocals? Here we have another case in point with Tiny Fighter. ‘Perfect Game’ is present here in three forms – the original mix, which is very nice and summery. Then, there is the Step5 And Perambulum Remix. That really brings […]

Modern Studies

The Weight of the Sun (Fire)

Modern Studies have really surpassed themselves on this third long player

The Boy with the Lion Head

A Half Remembered Dream (TBWTLH)

Timing is everything in music – including on the marketing side.

Stephen Malkmus

Traditional Techniques (Domino)

You feel like you know the music long before you’ve actually hit the play button

Elisabeth Elektra

Mercurial (Occult Babes)

This is an amazing record

Randolph’s Leap

Howling at the Sun (bandcamp download)

Adam Ross has been very productive during lockdown

Jill Lorean

Not Your First (self-released)

Adoptive Scot Jill Lorean has certainly been in and about the Scottish music scene for a good few years


Celebration (Mink)

This is just some lovely music – not sure what genre it fits into


ZeroZeroZero (BandCamp / Rock Action)

Mogwai were always destined to do soundtracks and do them well.