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Album review

Blanck Mass

Animated Violence Mild (Sacred Bones)

This brand new 8 track album by Edinburgh-based noise terrorist Ben Power

Modern Studies / Tommy Perman

Emergent Slow Acts (Fire)

This is a spaced out release – Tommy Perman has taken tracks from the great Modern Studies album ‘Welcome Strangers’ and turned them into something else

Les Bof!

Voila (Dirty Water)

A (mostly) Scottish combo in love with the 60s French ‘yeh yeh’ bands

John McMustard

Sports Mixture (Button Up)

John McMustard is branching out on his own, with some help from a few friends

The Black Watch

Magic Johnson' (ATOM)


Tenement and Temple

Tenement and Temple (Thrum)

T&T (an moniker which they will probably hate!) have an impeccable Scottish indie pedigree, but what the feck do we care about that?

Amadou & Mariam

Bamako to Birmingham (Because)

The main message here seems to be about living life to the full and enjoying the moment.

The Membranes

What Nature Gives... Nature Gives Away (Cherry Red)

You need to hand it to The Membranes, a band that has been making difficult, awkward, occasionally bewildering music since at least 1981.

The Twistettes

A Strange Play (Traffic Cone)

During this high summer period

Vanishing Twin

The Age Of Immunology (Fire)

About a month ago I was reading a feature on Vanishing Twin in the Metro papers’ ‘new band’ page in an article that made much of their bid to become the 21st century Stereolab